Helions FAQ
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Helions FAQ

Commonly asked questions. Reach out on Discord if you have others 🙋🏽‍♀️

What are helions?

A collection of 10,000 female & male Solar Sentinels brought to you by Helio. As symbols of progress, Helions embody the power of our community of Web3 builders & users.

What is Helio?

Helio is a complete Web3 payments platform that’s fast emerging as the “Stripe for Web3” with 1,000s of projects, builders & users implementing Helio to accept crypto payments for E-Commerce, Subscriptions, Discord payments, Pay Links, Tip Jars, Invoicing, Paywalls, Pay Streams, Plugins and more 🚀
Learn more here.

Who is behind Helio?

The founders, Jim & Stijn, previously built, scaled and exited two B2B SaaS companies for a total of $600M. We have brought together a fully doxxed team of kick-ass Web3 & Fintech engineering, product and marketing talent.

Why buy and HODL?

Helio is a bear-market resistant utility project, first and foremost!
Utility with HelioX - Helions gain access to HelioX, the pro version of the Helio payment platform. 0% Tx fees (everyone else pays 0.35%), APIs, branded checkouts, plug-ins, Discord bot, token-gated checkouts & more 🚀
Community — Learn & grow together with +5,000 like-minded Web3 innovators
Rewards with Helions DAO - 7.5% credit on fees & royalties paid out to HODlers quarterly
Powerful Art - Helions art is visionary and powerful - just like Helio

Wen mint?

22 September 2022, 5PM UTC

How much?

~3 SOL

What launchpad?

Magic Eden

How to verify your WL spot?

You MUST log-in to Magic Eden no later than 24-hours before Mint to verify your WL spot and submit your wallet for mint. LOG IN HERE: https://magiceden.io/launchpad/helions

I'm a project, can we do a collaboration?

Yes. We have approx ~2,000 WL available for projects that are interested in collaborating with us. The vast majority of that is already committed but we have a v limited number of spots still available. Please hit up one of our Mods in Discord.

How can I secure a WL?

Simple. If you like the project, we have WL spots available via a Helio Pay Link (cost of 0.1 SOL) for up to 4,000 people on a first-come-first-serve basis. Simply hit up the 💳—helions-wl-instructions channel in our Discord: https://discord.gg/helio
We have a maximum of 5,000 mints for the 4,000 WL spots so some lucky people will have an opportunity to mint two Helions on the day (and the first 1,000 WL have the advantage).

Why does the WL cost 0.1 SOL?

This is to allow a fair and transparent WL process and crucially avoid botting! We do NOT ask influencers to promote us in return for WLs or any other shenanigans. The 0.1 SOL goes to the DAO and not the team!

I'm an OG, do I need to get a WL spot?

Nope, you don't. You have the right to buy up to 4 Helions via pre-sale (total of 1,000 spots). We will launch the pre-sale soon (see ❎—og-announcements) in Discord

I've won a WL via a project, how do I get my WL role?

Projects will share the list of winners and their Discord IDs. They can get the role in our Discord. Open a ticket if you haven't received the role yet.

Do you offer pre-sales?

Yes, we have 2k-2.5k spots available for selected projects & investors with fair maximums and rules per our mint code of conduct.

Why is Helio launching an NFT collection?

Community-first. We already have a unique community of Web3 builders & power users that innovate at the cutting edge of the Solana NFT ecosystem.
We now choose to double-down on this strategy with Helions and build a strong community of early adopters by offering upside via NFT ownership & additional benefits and, at the same time, provide a cost-efficient model for our customers to access key features of the Helio payments platform.

What’s the mint strategy?

We’re here to build a community for the long run; hence, we have core principles that prevent a pump & dump scenario. The core principles for the mint are integrity & transparency, fairness, and community-first.
Read the full code of conduct & mint strategy here.

We value transparency & encourage everyone to DYOR before deciding if Helions is the right project for you!!

Useful DYOR resources
Helions whitepaper: everything you need to know about the project🔥
Helions website: track art reveals & other project info 🎭
AMA with Boogle: we kicked off our AMA roadshow with the Rolls Royce of DAOs 📞
Helions Twitter: join the community 🧡
Presentation: the project in a nut-shell ⚡️
Helio Website: launch the app to get started with Web3 payments 🛠
Helio Twitter: community of builders & users of our Payments Platform 🤛
Helio Docs: useful user and developer resources ⚡️
Medium: corporate blog covering product development 📣
Join us: check out our job board and apply if you love our mission 🤛
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